I have two jobs.

One that gets me out of bed at 6:30 in the morning. (That’s not that early, stop complaining! Shut up, you. This is my blog.)

The other that frequently keeps me in the office till 8pm or later. (That’s not that late! What are you still doing here? Go away!)

Usually the first thing I do when I get home is sit on the couch. Ok, first I find my cat and ask him about his day. But then I sit on the couch and my brain is tired. Not fried, but tired. I don’t want to do anything taxing.

My computer is so far away and I am already sitting down.

But the remote is so close and honestly, haven’t all stories been told? Aren’t we all sick of the blog posts like, I’ve got so much writer’s block! and Being creative is hard! I am. And I know I feel pathetic when I’m forcing myself to write something that I don’t FEEL.

So I’d much rather sit and rewatch Scrubs or 30Rock or Brooklynn NineNine. These are infinitely better than any idea I could force out of my fingers at the moment, right?

Plus there are always new movies or shows and I also have Hulu and Amazon and HBOGo and I could always rewatch SNL or John Oliver and…. Ok, I’ve got a serious problem. “Maybe it will inspire me!” I try to lie to myself. I know it will not, because I will be a zombie staring at the screen. Also because, as I said, my computer is SO FAR AWAY.

My mom is a writer. She writes every day and says that’s the key to writing. “If you do it every day, it becomes habit and then that’s when you write your book.” I think that’s a Stephen King quote or something. But I don’t know how she does it.

Wait, I do. She wakes up at 4AM every day.

That’s not gonna happen for me. Not when I’m already feeling bleh from my day to day life.

But I guess what I can do is the small stuff. Maybe not daily, but I can at least be faithful to a schedule. Write down the little ideas that I have before they blow away like wisps in the wind. (See? Being creative isn’t that hard! OH MY GOD STOP IT)

So please, stick around. I don’t have a good track record for following through, but I hope to have matured since the last time I posted fanfiction.


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