For Valentine’s day, my parents sent me a card with some money in it. They do this every so often and it’s really nice. I buy something cool and then I get to thank them for the gift that they sponsored.

This year, I bought myself a notebook (that I really didn’t need) and a set of pencils.

These pencils were $10.

No, they were not made of gold or anything.

But they have really nice compliments on them. Things like “You Go Girl!” and “You Make It Rain Rainbows”.

I love these pencils. Honestly, I would use them all the time, but the bank will not accept checks written in pencil. (Disappointing, I know.)

Now why is it important for you know about my compliment pencils?

Let me get there.

If you ask anyone I’ve ever dated, they’ll probably tell you I’m not the nicest person ever. I am very sarcastic and sometimes get snappy. Rude on a bad day.

But these pencils remind me to be nice to myself. This is a hard thing to do sometimes. It’s way easier to call myself stupid and not think about how I can improve in the future. Admitting that I made a mistake and need to learn from it is difficult (as I am sure at least one other person can relate to) and it’s way easier to hate myself.

I’m not saying this for people to be like, oh don’t hate yourself, you’re awesome *finger guns* *wink*.

I’m saying this because it’s true. I hate myself on occasion. Not always and I do keep a lid on it. So don’t worry about me at the moment.

The point is that these pencils remind me to think nice things about myself, even if it’s just when I’m writing in my planner. Just holding the pencil gives me a little boost of confidence. I can handle this. I can do whatever life throws at me.

The point is that I haven’t died yet, so I don’t think my insecurities are going to kill me. Not with my pencils at my side.


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